Michael McDonald

Having been through many major trials through the course of my life has led me to the world of Angels, energy healing and a spiritual life. Blessed to be able to share this with people who are just awakening or those who are open.

What is SCIO

The SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a Universal Electrophysiological Biofeedback System. SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system. Scio is derived from the Latin word = I know. The SCIO Quantum Biofeedback device is a computerized energetic device that detects stressors in the body then emits healthy patterns back to your body. It balances […]

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Reiki Master Certification

Today I became a certified Reiki Master. In just over 8 months I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Reiki to becoming a certified master. This definitely does not mean I have mastered Reiki or energy healing. To me this is just the beginning of my journey into Reiki and […]

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There are 15 Archangels among us. Everyone knows about Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, but there are twelve more.     Ariel – whose name means “Lion or lioness of God.” She is associated with healing and protecting beings in nature and that includes the animals, fish and birds. Ariel is […]

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Reiki Healing

Reiki spiritual healing therapy is one of the most pleasant and gentle ways that people came across in healing but within this pleasant and soothing system there is a powerful healing method working on. This type of Japanese therapy offers you several benefits. Firstly, this type of spiritual healing helps […]

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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki healing classes have been spreading worldwide just like wildfire for the main reason it comes handy the advantage it may provide a practitioner you will find, even students who’re beginning to discover it. This can be the same in many areas now. Classes and sessions and also prepared Reiki […]

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Crystal Grids and Plants

One day I noticed something peculiar. I had purchased 2 lucky bamboo plants when I was opening my office. One of them I brought home and the other I placed within a crystal grid in my office about a month or so ago. When I looked at the plant in […]

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First Reiki Session

Today, May 31st I performed my first complete Reiki session in my new office. While I have done Reiki shares, long distance Reiki and other energy healing work something had been holding me back from my first session at my office. Probably fear which thinking about it was irrational but was […]

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