Energy Healing

Information on different energy healing modalities

Reiki Master Certification

Today I became a certified Reiki Master. In just over 8 months I went from knowing absolutely nothing about Reiki to becoming a certified master. This definitely does not mean I have mastered Reiki or energy healing. To me this is just the beginning of my journey into Reiki and […]

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Crystal Grids and Plants

One day I noticed something peculiar. I had purchased 2 lucky bamboo plants when I was opening my office. One of them I brought home and the other I placed within a crystal grid in my office about a month or so ago. When I looked at the plant in […]

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First Reiki Session

Today, May 31st I performed my first complete Reiki┬ásession in my new office. While I have done Reiki shares, long distance Reiki and other energy healing work something had been holding me back from my first session at my office. Probably fear which thinking about it was irrational but was […]

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