December 12, 2015

Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner Certification

Today was an incredible day of learning and exercises as well as a test and interview confirming that not only have I been learning on this spiritual journey but that I practice what I’m learning in all parts of my life. Working with the Archangels and Angels in all areas of my life has really helped me with guidance on what to do but they also help smooth the path making the doing so much easier. The reason I took this class and became certified was to not only learn more but to keep me accountable and ensure that I continue this practice and improve on it. The Archangels and Angels are always with us but having free will we do need to ask when we wish for assistance. One of the biggest things for me to learn is that nothing is too big or too small to ask for and if it’s in the highest and best interest of all parties involved they will do everything to help make something happen.

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