June 4, 2015

Crystal Grids and Plants

One day I noticed something peculiar. I had purchased 2 lucky bamboo plants when I was opening my office. One of them I brought home and the other I placed within a crystal grid in my office about a month or so ago. When I looked at the plant in the grid it was thriving. Shoots were coming off of it and it was vibrant with lots of life. When I looked at the one in my home it was sad. Only 1 shoot coming off of it and the top of the main stalk was brown to about 2 inches down. As an experiment I am going to take some pictures of both plants and move the one from my home to my office and place it in the crystal grid. The sunlight in both rooms is similar and only difference I can tell is the water is obviously different being from 2 different sources. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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