May 31, 2015

First Reiki Session

Today, May 31st I performed my first complete Reiki session in my new office. While I have done Reiki shares, long distance Reiki and other energy healing work something had been holding me back from my first session at my office. Probably fear which thinking about it was irrational but was there. I’ve had the office for over 4 months now and kept telling myself it was just never right. I needed to have this or that before I could have people come in. Other negative limitations I put on myself or distractions to keep me from doing what I’m being called to do.

I must say I was a little nervous but once I connected with Divine source, got in the flow and just trusted and allowed it felt like coming home. I also have to say that the sense of accomplishment was very immense for me and it was very hard to come back to this plane of existence. I have a good friend who helped bring me back in afterward even though I didn’t know I was really gone.

Becoming a Reiki practitioner, lightworker and working with Angels and other entities has been an amazing journey so far even though I’m still very new to it all. This step is probably going to bring me to another level by walking through my fear and owning the gifts that I’ve been granted the use of.

Being able to assist someone release things that no longer serve them and assist them to heal themselves brings a sense of satisfaction that I just can’t explain and makes my heart sing. I am so blessed that I was chosen to share this and be open to this gift to not only work/play in the spiritual world but also to help heal the Earth which every healing session will do..

Until next time my friends.



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