March 5, 2017

Tampa Galactic Awakening Tribal Dream Experience

Today I joined my tribe to co create a tribal experience of healing using sound, energy, light languages and collective energy. We opened with introductions and ceremony calling in all cosmic helpers and allies. From there went into a deep and intense session of healing. Each practitioner was using their primary gifts working with individual participants. The interesting part was that while each was kind of doing their own thing the collective energy was meshing perfectly together like a well oiled machine or a symphony of the highest level. While several of us have worked together in different events and in different combinations this was the first time all of us have worked together at one event. The magic that was created was so powerful and beautiful. There was much deep purging and releasing by all who were involved and was much needed to help people along their spiritual paths. We closed the ceremony with a psychic circle led by Alan Pratt where people could ask questions and spirit would answer through Alan and other people within the circle. The people in attendance are all healers or psychics in their own rights and co created the entire experience with us. What an amazing day and experience.

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